Best Bathroom Remodel Scottsdale Has to Offer

May 15th, 2013 by Mark Matyskiel

When deciding on a remodeling contractor in Scottsdale, Arizona, there are plenty of choices available to you. Sunset Tile and Bath has got plenty of experience in the business, working with folks throughout the valley to create exceptional bathroom transformations. Our team has worked with various types of materials throughout the years and they have the creative vision to help transform your plan into a beautiful reality.

Maybe you have moved into a home in which the previous owners taste did not match your own. Or maybe you have lived in a house for years and are ready to finally go through with that great remodel project you have been contemplating. Either way Sunset will be able to provide you with great examples, guidance, and expert execution. The team at Sunset Tile and Bath strives to listen closely and find out what your real challenges are in the space and what limitations there are to work with. Once we know what your needs are, we can come up with a plan to overcome those obstacles and create the bathroom that will take your breath away every time you walk into it.

Many of our clients do not even have a basic idea of what they want when initially starting with us. This is why we have created a great showroom that showcases all of the gorgeous different materials that we work with and shows you that the possibilities really do extend to the farthest reaches of your imagination. By making a visit to our showroom, you are able to get the real tangible aspects that a photo cannot convey. The slick, cool feel of the granite on your fingertips may not be as inviting to you as the rougher texture of a standard tile, for instance. Photos do provide you with a way to see some of the extreme transformations that can occur, however, as you can see in the before and after gallery.

Bathroom Remodel Before and After

One of the main items that sets us apart from our competition is our ability to handle your entire project from start to finish. Many remodeling contractors in Scottsdale are only certified or comfortable in a few areas such as demolition and tile. The specialists we have are certified and highly qualified to handle every aspect of the job including plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, countertops, and tile. What this means for you is that you will not have to worry whether the plumbing was done correctly, or if you will have some type of electrical problem in the near future due to an incompetent remodeling company. We give you the peace of mind knowing that only Sunset Tile and Bath employees will be working on your home during the remodel and that all of the work will be of professional quality.

No matter what design path you decide to venture down, our team will be able to navigate it. We are an extremely experienced, professional, and cohesive team that will tackle your product from start to finish. We take pride in our courteousness and want our customers to know that we value their home just as much as we do our own. When you work with Sunset, you should expect the best and we will be sure to deliver – that’s why we’re the best bathroom remodel Scottsdale has to offer!

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